No Words, No Talk

Hey, give everything it’s due,
in the speech performance,
even with a performer and an audience available and anxious,
remember: No words, no talk.

One youngster over in that kiddie-bar told me that,
“Deep down inside, everyone’s a crayon.”

So long as it’s alive,
the jury’s still out.


That which is too telling
and too obvious
is also,
not so obvious.


One ruler told his people that he was really tired,
stressed out, and was going on an indefinite leave,
he said, “For now, you’ll have to dominate yourselves.”
(A little cobbler in the crowd, actually he was a particle accelerator,
thought, “Does that include mistreating ourselves also?”)

Anyone still at all impressed with themselves,
has yet to be impressed by anything impressive
( or profitable).



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