Who Do I Thank?

Whining is an admission.

And this little news item that didn’t make the front page,
concerning the fourth place winner in this year’s,
“San Rio Song Festival”:
It’ s a tune written by a pottery maker from El Cindo and the title is:
“Twas scatological humor,
That started up the rumor,
That humans’ most important parts,
Are wrinkled by design.”

Morality is what they call the last act
in a three act play.
(As always, if you know the “secret address,”
you can write and they won’t send you a program.)


If you know just how to look at it,
from the right vantage point,
Everything in the Secondary world is funny.


Silence can be an impenetrable shield,
in certain City areas.

I wanted to tell you abut my favorite little person of the year,
a guy I met not far from here, who said the only thing any longer bothering him
at all was the question of, “Who do I thank?”



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