Take No Prisoners

One guy over in that slick city, apprised me of his personal philosophy thusly:
“The truth, the truth, my friend, conspires to deceive us all.”
(What a cheerful thought…kinda.)

One mother’s advice to her hairy son,
“It’s never too late to say you’re sorry
unless it’s already yesterday.

Those who’ll tell you all they know,
are simply groping.


Once upon a time, (and particularly, I might add, in a space),
this one dimension thought, “Who needs all those other directional forces,
I’ll just go it alone, and become my own single superstar.”
And while he apparently had the nerve, and could talk a good game,
his stupidness was such that he could not foresee his immediate collapse
as soon as he attempted that first step alone.


If everyone who tried to be cute was cute,
then…well…I just don’t want
to think about it.

In spite of what you and your kind may think,
the cry of, “take no prisoners,”
could have originated with prisoners.



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