Nobody Really Understands



The elder, with solemnity of countenance and gravity of voice said,
“We have reached a most serious juncture, and what I’m about to ask
you now you must answer me in one word.” And the younger replied,
“All right” – “No that’s two.”


On this mid-way planet,
historians who begin to extraordinarily understand their own field
become both suicidal and cannibalistic.
(Post Script to you exchange students:
This situation is in no way anomalous,
but is in precise accord with their laws of chemistry.)


Hey, don’t sweat it,
nobody really understands
the meaning of the word “really.”


“Most promises are made through the false sincerity of wine.”
“Ah, but I do not drink.”
“Ah, but never-the-less.”


Remember This Number Way-Up-There:
All conversations are between SOMEbody.




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