While ordinary talk and City info is based on conflict,
Revolutionist sites offer a fresh place from which to see…the struggles of others.


Motto For Another Decade:
Immediacy is the secret of
or ending.


One guy gave me his fix on Western world psychological models in one sentence:
“Since you can think about the ‘unconscious mind’ – it doesn’t exist.”


“Sire,” said the civil subordinate, “there are without,
visitors from foreign lands with gifts, who wish to see you.”
“Humph,” retorted the loutish looking liege, but after asking what
“visitors, foreign land, and gifts” was, instructed the servant
to tell the travelers he would entertain their request,
and to find out what gifts they had brought.
Soon the page returned and said the visitors were bearing
“words, definitions and categories.” The illiterate King,
(and now me-suspects, not so stupid as he pretends)
ordered the guests shot.


Remember sweet things:
all conversations are recorded.
(They’re just not available on disk yet.)




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