Just Joking…

Older cerebral voice:
“Why my dear, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed this.”
And fresher voice replies: “I know.”


While waiting for the light, on the corner, in another City,
a fellow said to me, “If it’s correct, as I’ve heard,
that ‘the truth has no author,’ then I say they should take
all the veracity royalties that have piled up and divide them
equally amongst all of us perceptive and insightful folk.”
(He then near-bout stepped in front of a bus.)

Then in response, his brother said,
“God, what a team we make, because
everything else reminds me of something.”

All Revolutionist activity is a performance,
and all such performances are myths and metaphors,
and no myths are correct,
or any metaphor perfect,
for if they were,
it would be no performance.

(The world’s greatest metaphors, of course, can never be written.)

When Life decides to discontinue a certain pattern,
it will introduce a new religion;
when it has over-run,
it sets up this kinda stuff as an outlet.

even if a Revolutionist has a name, an address,
an occupation and identity card, remember –
it’s Just a joke.




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