Living at Home

Up near base camp
I overheard this one guy say to himself,
“Okay, your symptoms can stay,
but the ills gotta go.”


Say, you remember that guy I told you about who had as his working motto:
“Advice to all, assistance to none.”
Well, he also says that, “least you think the absolute worst of him,”
he wants you to also know that he doesn’t even help himself.


On this planet,
one way to tell if you’re still alive every morning,
is to see if you either feel good or bad,
and can say so!


Story telling and myth weaving in camp is one thing,
but down in the City, by gawd,
any who tell ‘em
begin to believe ‘em.


If you live-at-home, and I mean if you get slick-i-c-k –
SLICK enough to really “live at home”…
wait, I don’t want this to get too confused – start again;
If you live at home,
you don’t have far to go.


While Life doesn’t skimp on providing man
with a complete measure of itching,
full tilt scratching remains highly unlikely.





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