Thought You’d Never Ask!

Information that will apparently offer to help you harm another,
is to be trusted only by the suicidal.

In this one place,
as two writers were parting, one called out,
“Hey, have your book call my book.”


First Local Ordinance:
The truth cannot exist in two places at the same time.
Second Such Ordinance:
Yes it can, but it’s then seen as two different things.
Third Go-Round:
Then what’s the use?
And the mayor pro-tem said, “I thought you’d never ask.”


On this undiscovered little world,
on “Birth Graduation Day” at this one school,
the departing students are carefully cautioned,
“If you do figure out what’s going on, be
sure and keep it to yourself!”


All species, both singular and collective,
have a sub-species, and the sub-species of anything
is everything else.




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