Askewed Views

Questions come in all sizes.
Beyond that I leave it to you
to discover answers in adjustable universal fits.

One dude up in a hill-side subversive camp
said he was gonna name the two legs of his underdrawers,
“Askewed Views” and “Fresh Data.”


Upon hearing the cry, “Cut ‘em off at the pass!”
the perceptive man would take all pertinent measures
to conceal and protect his pass.

The banner hung outside the new building establishment
proclaimed in letters large: “Your Reprieve From Mediocrity Has Now Arrived!”
and upon seeing this, one fellow leaped away well into the street shouting, |
“Oh no you don’t, that’s the last straw, no one’s taking away my mediocrity.”


At the daily paper on another orb, a new critic was hired who immediately
wrote several reviews wherein he mentioned no name other than that
of the artist, author, or performer being reviewed; he was, however,
soon let go because no one could make heads or tales of his work.
(Now, you kids let that be a lesson to you, eh.)


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