Now You See It,

A man who can tickle his own intelligence,
can pass on the “Swimsuit Issue.”



One of the protocols prodding City existence is,
“Now you see it,
now you don’t.”

(Revolutionist camps have their own version which goes,
“Now you see it,
now you don’t,

and now you do.”)


All ordinary affairs require an audience:
The hermit who announces that he’s now “leaving for good,”
has, from one perspective, just blown it.
(Yeah, but never mind all that thoughty-stuff,
let’s just have a big hand for the old guy.)


If you were to actually start right now,
you wouldn’t really be any later than you were
before you thought about it.


After some exposure, to some form of This-Kinda-Stuff,
three siblings had this to say, noted the first;
“The potential audience for This could be smaller than even Life thinks.”
The second in line countered, “Aye, but the audience of those who might,
somehow and surprisingly, benefit could be larger than Life has thus far imagined.”
The third tongue parried, “The ultimate audience for This Stuff
could be different than Life ever expected.”
(And thanks-be-to-Zeus, either one, two, all, or none of them are correct.)


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