Your Name Doesn’t Matter

When draftees are demanded,
your name doesn’t matter.

One sub-structured City game
is a debate between those molecular
groups who say that reality can only be uncovered,
and those who believe it can be invented…
(There is, by-the-by, also the double-parked
Revolutionist’s view.)

One of the basis for City religions and metaphysics
is in the belief that thought can exist apart from a man to think it.

Secondary activities pose,
Primary activities move.


So, finally, you shouldn’t forget,
as the Great Oracle at Mount Momzer has so rightly pronounced,
“The wise man remembers that the way of moderation produces moderate results.”


At another of those, periodic “god conventions” they have over in that one place,
several were sitting around the pool during an afternoon “free time” schedule segment,
chewing the ole fraternal fat, and after the conversation had turned to the matter of questionable creative acts they had done, one sweaty deity said,
“My only regret is in having invented the Past,
cause ever since then, my littler darlings have done nothing but bitch about it.”



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