Wet Words

From aquatic alphabets come only wet words.

To think in the City,
always requires a crutch.


While hanging around in the City last week,
(for no legitimate reason I can recall), I overheard a fellow
address an assembled crowd with this interesting comment,
“If we will but each double our efforts I am sure we can
noticeably increase the size of the problem.”


Just so you won’t get any less confused,
(I’m sure I meant to say “more” rather than “less” right there),
but just to contain confusion to a minimum, remind yourself of matters
such as this: “To speak of chemistry is chemical.”
(See, under correct road conditions, more and less can be kept to their proper lanes.)


Why pay for middle-men-mark-ups?
Get your info directly from the source.


When superior systems wanna play “hide the salami,”
everyone hollers, “Oh, I’m a vegetarian!”



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