The Fall

Advice Proffered Somewhere:
If you’re gonna fall short,
for heaven’s sake at least fall.

After the wars,
the wars…

Over on this one world
I heard something about how
only those who talk about life take it seriously.
(Do you believe that!?)

In the upper regions of the nervous system structures of this one planet,
they do sincerely believe that “small is beautiful.”

Tales From The Outer Galaxies:
At the outskirts of this one planet, instead of a welcome sign
they posted a note that said, “This Is Only The Beginning,”
and at the other end of that universe, in the anti-area
going in an opposite direction, the appropriate reflective planet
planted its own city limits sign that read: “The End Is Realized.”
And in the vast, vague middle land between grazed, gamboled and grew –
moonbeams, comets, honest office-seekers, displaced fairies and all the dreams yet-to-be.

don’t’ quite cover it.

Some Form Of Silence is the final word –
count on it.


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