Stop Gap Measures

One day the ole man called all the kids around him and said,
“Jeeze, all you little nippers have proved to be a real pain in the ole neural-kazoozer.”
They all laughed, clapped their hands and jumped about squealing and shouted,
“We know, we know, that’s why we’re us and you’re you.” The oldster bit his lip
for a bit and said, “Hell, I could’ve figured that out for myself.”
(Then he squealed and leaped about for a while.)


Race Update:
Hormones are still ahead.


The first thing every morning, that some conservatively constructed men do,
is ask themselves, “Is this ‘every morning’ and is this the ‘first thing I’m doing’.”
(After this, all seems to roll right along for them.)


To help lessen plebian entanglements,
you might care to note that,
“stop gap measures”
are the only ones available.


Over in one neural universe, on a certain skull planet,
the kid and the ole man were sitting around the bare spot
in the backyard when an uncle suddenly stood and declared,
“No man has truly arrived until he’s written his autobiography.”
And after a period of polite silence the lad asked,
“Dad, exactly what destination does he have in mind,”
and the progenitor replied, “You should grant great leeway,
latitude, and indifference to signals from side-track ancestors.”
The uncle said, “Okay, have it your way, but I’ll be back.”

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