And Then?

Over in one place, they say this:
Axioms don’t make sensitivity,
if they’re lacking in density.
(They don’t really say that over there,
but they paid me six proverbs to say so.)


The king of one chemical kingdom muttered in his half-sleep,
“I trust none but the dead.”


The insides of everybody are different.
(No, they’re not, everybody just paid me to say that.)


Over at a job seminar in that sister galaxy, a younger god
was talking to several more experienced ones who told him
that the most important thing in their line was to
“find out what your people wanted.” The newer deity dutifully
wrote this down in his notebook and after waiting a few moments said,
“And then?!” The other gods looked startled, then began laughing
and beating on their heavenly thighs and repeating in mock disbelief,
“And then…and then…”

Trying to put limits on it,
will just make it worse.





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