Words to Fight By


In a transcendental fashion unnecessary to presently pursue,
it can be said that, “What’s eruptible is corruptible.”
(Oh, all right, we could post script that
only the coroner presides over an all honest choir.)


Remember this:
Gulliver didn’t actually GO any where…
and Bunyon’s blisters were not from an extended walk.


Words To Live And Fight By:
If they’re holding their noses,
don’t attack.


At one time a group of guys decided to become an official “group of guys”
to periodically meet for the purpose of “Praising Famous Men,”
until they discovered that most of the Famous Men they wanted to praise
wouldn’t come to their meetings, and of the few who did,
most of them didn’t want to chip in for the beer.


At one time, on one world,
one army had as its motto:
“Kill or be killed.”

(Pardon me but I do tend to get a bit overcome when face to face
with unexpected intelligence.)




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