Organic, Sentient & Electric

Anything thought of by man,
if not immediately useful for you,
will be later,
and is already for someone else.


What ordinary men call irony
is actually mislabeled resistance.


All of men’s ideas,
are organic,


Over in that little near world, (of which I’m already suspicious),
above the bar in a certain saloon hangs this sign:
“If we can’t joyfully feed stuff to our brains,
to make us once again raging beasts,
what’s the use of even living in the city?”
(Very suspicious indeed…by the by, you ever notice by now
how some things are so true they seem silly
and some things are so silly they seem true?)


One subscriber wrote to tell me that in his opinion
no society can truly call itself civilized
until the Fire Chief is an elected position.


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