Hormones, Hormones, Hormones…

Based on recent discoveries of some scrolls in a cave near Damascus
it is now clear that rock and roll began in 537 B.C. not 1955.
(Remember, when only time dictates history,
only dictators will have time, or,
only time can take history’s dictation…
or, only, ah forget it.)


A man with no intellectual inferior
has yet to make his own acquaintance.


Note: The current debate is always raging.


One not-so-far-away listener writes to me as follows:
“If there is any real hard-ball-justice afoot in this life,
historians would be our kings,
the dead our priests,
and bank robbers our economists.”


In the sponsored, and apparent race between the sexes,
men rely on the horrific, the heroic and the honorable,
women on hormones, hormones and hormones…at this point
women remain ahead.


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