In A World…

Subversive Bulletin Number 147-36R:
It is now clearly established and recognized
that the only instrumentality to ever comment
on the mind’s “amazingly complex and inscrutable nature,”
is the mind. Operate accordingly.


Irony is inescapable in a circuitous world…
(or a circumcision ward.)


Over on the Fern Planet, in a local pub,
I heard this one fellow ask his embibbling mate,
“If there does turn out to be a ‘Judgment Day’
do you think god will actually look back over your entire life,
or just review the highlights?”


In a new world,
there’s no such thing as an absent-minded genius.


From the midst-of-it-all, (and you damn well know which midst I mean),
a voice arose, “I sometimes do not feel much like praising and paying
homage to the gods; at times it seems they are only looking out after themselves.”
And a second tongue replied, “Well hell, why do you think they’re gods in the first place.”





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