Household Hints for a Tuesday

The new ole sorehead just down the block
told a neighbor’s dog that anyone who writes their autobiography
and then seriously awaits a response thereto
should be laughed at, distempered or shot.


Household Hints For Those Who’ve Had Hold Of Several Households:
Always read the instructions,
handle all solvents with care,
and never stand up.


A man with a fried egg,
can afford to be brave.


The dominant will always offer to protect the submissive,
even when the only threat is from the dominant.
(There are insufficient local words and symbols
to adequately express my appreciation for the scales of justice.)


A man, lame in both legs,
and quite deliciously vocal in his complaints,
after regaining the use of one leg, referred to change as,
“Illusionary progress,” but added
that at least it was still preferable to real progress.


The Revolution is expanding
when the person next to you becomes aware
that he’s now in it.


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