Look Somewhere Else

Although ordinary language doesn’t cover it all
it covers all that is ordinarily acquired.


On this one young, developing world, as things began to separate into conflicting
factions, such as the categories of “religion and science,” “faith and fact,” and the
like, one group declared that they should all resist this inclination, and after a bit
they did realize some success in their efforts,
but they also began to lose the ability to talk.


A man who doesn’t look ahead,
or look backwards,
can, of course, always look
somewhere else.


For those who say the worst is yet to come – the worst is yet to come.


If you ever wondered who stood the better chance of becoming famous and
admired, an intelligent, strong person, or a weak whiney one,
wonder no more.


Drawn by the light of our camp fire last year,
and after hearing some of our affairs discussed,
a visitor said to me, “Is this not like a search to find that too dear to use?”





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