Revolution Level

The beginnings and endings of ordinary affairs could be,
at best, painted as grey, and light grey,
while the maneuvers in the middle hold the full color palette.


The nearest there might be to a form of “pure evil”
would be if some–any–local conditions,
could become permanent or universal.


Might I suggest to you,
May I perhaps hint,
That maybe, just maybe,
To say the very least,

The surface may be deeper than normally thought.


A kid asked his father, “What is death?”  and the ole man replied,
“Well, it’s the completion of the past, or at least of one past.”
They both kicked up a little dirt in silence for a while, and the father added,
“Or, you could say death’s when the past, or your past, catches up with you.”


The Revolution is sorta like a new level of the Primary.




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