Park Stories

If you put something off long enough,
it’s as though it never happened.


Park Stories:
A woman, sitting in a sack over in the knolly area of the park,
looked off somewhere just past my right ear and said,
“If it wasn’t for talking, you know,
I wouldn’t have any fun in life.”


“Remember Son, it’s just a hobby.”
“What Dad?”
“That’s right, Son.”


Park Stories:
One fellow, standing off to the wooded side of the park, wondered,
“What’s a Revolutionist like in his spare time?”
And a nearby rebel thought,
“Real Revolutionists don’t have spare time.”


As one scouting party discovered;
inside every carousel is a miniature merry-go-round.
For those with hungry eyes, I might further note that along other lines,
once you approach the end of the Systems Chain,
you do not come to the final, smallest system;
but rather, you rediscover all of the system over again…sort of.


(The Revolution is not to finalize local activities,
but to perpetuate universal ones.)



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