De Loop-de-Loop


One other little guy who liked to ponder things,
after hearing the up-to-the-minute systems-based,
computer-age term, “the information loop,” reflected on it for a while,
looking backwards, then considering man’s current intellectual achievements
and after some serious chewing mumbled the following:
“It’d better be called the information loop-de-loop.”



When they’re looking for volunteers,
the night has a thousand eyes,
and the day time is quite well lit.


After hearing yet another paean proclaiming the glory of some former time,
one guy screamed, “Hey, if the past was so great how come it didn’t stick around!”



Always blame those non present,
and if they’re not available,
blame the non existent.

First Corollary: When everything looks the same everything is the same.
Fourth Corollary: When everything looks different it’s still like the First Corollary said.
(And, oh yeah, the Twelfth Corollary along this line is “Are you from here?”)


All religions began as an interesting,
chemical experiment.



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