Stay Tuned

There is no such book as “The Compilation Of Man’s Worst Decisions”…
well yeah, sure there is, but I decided not to admit it…


A man who can “do the best with what he’s got”
is still only minimally employed.


One rebellious man’s poetic sentiments were expressed thusly:
“I’m now the kinda guy I used to hope some day I’d meet.”
The End…(he says that’s The End).


Although officially reliable confirmation is lacking,
rumors persist regarding a
man in southern Greece whose psychology
is not a result of any
childhood or environmental influences.
(Stay tuned, I guess.)


“Hey, Bubba, look at that thing – what is it?…”
” Let’s kill it.”
“Naw, let’s just talk about it.”
“Yeah, that’s what I said.”







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