Short Insane Ideas That Make Sense

If you’re going to show up later anyhow,
No need to be on time now.


Short insane ideas that make sense
could prove danger to someone’s cup-of-tea.


Some who love their sleep say that the first rays of sunrise are the worst,
and a Revolutionist once told some interested visitors the same thing
except he didn’t mention beds,
or daybreak…


(Ah the steady march forward of winsome talk and Wild Turkey):
Over in a small bar in the next time zone
a fellow climbed onto the bar and delivered
the following verbal bouquet:
“I used to speak in riddles,
but now I speak in rhymes,
I used to live on quarters,
but now I feast on dimes;
I’ve never met a thought so formidable
that it could not be chopped,
nor a word so pithy
that it couldn’t be dropped.”

(Need I tell you that his next round was on me.)


Up toward the front of the auditorium was one man proclaiming:
“We’re all on a fast trip to destruction…”
while back near the rear another figure was announcing:
“We’re on a slow cruise to paradise.”
(And wandering up and down the aisles was a chap selling
broken calendars and out-dated watches.)


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