Funny Names

Found writ on a rest room wall, just over in that otherworld with walls:
“Fear the surgeon with an unbloodied scalpel,
but not so the knight with a similar sword.”



One guy, of a pretty rambunctious nature,
directed in his will that his tongue be
diced and distributed to the dogs.



At a recent combination “going away” and “home coming” party,
one guest said,
“People with funny names ain’t funny.”



After being informed that once the twelve notes in an octave are played
they simply then repeat themselves again and again,
this one lad, surveying the many notes on the keyboard
before him exclaimed,
“Well, to hell with most of them!”


I suppose as further evidence, (if indeed further be required),
of the continuing lack of synchronization between the perverse
posture of fate and man’s feeble acts, a certain gentleman told me
that even after all of the expense of changing his name to Shakespeare,
and after all of the effort of moving to Stratford, that the British
literary establishment wouldn’t lend him fifteen hundred pounds.



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