Park Tales

One guy approached me in the park
with a pretty well discouraged look and hat on,
and finally told me that for years,
one of his “true pleasures in life was talking to himself,”
that is until he suddenly realized
how dumb he was!


NEWS FLASH: It has come to our attention
that some relatively consistent, statistical proof
exists showing a home field advantage in favor of Life.


A guy hiding in a bush over in the park
whispered as I passed,
“Aggravation is the only sure evidence of Life.”
(Perhaps that bush is thistled.)


Over on this one planet that had a fluctuating number of days in its week,
a representative of their world’s religious institution was making a public speech
wherein he noted the necessity of all people to confirm to the secret teachings and rituals
by stating that, “A man who is virtuous simply by his own nature has no future reward awaiting.”
A pretty decent and upright gent right up front leaped up, ripped off his coat,
threw it in the dirt, began jumping up and down on it and hollered,
“Well, in that case – Forget it – Just Forget It!”



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