A Good Laugh

When everything looks the same,
the bus has made a stop.


Several years hence, I ran across a splinter group whose adhesives believed thusly:
“A good man will not recognize himself in the dark.”


(Here is another of those quasi-tasteless Test Questions):
Can you see in the following a blatant though fugitive, non-negative fact?
“Just because someone offers to help doesn’t mean they can help.”


In a subversive camp I passed through once, I saw the following note pinned to a
tree near the latrine, it said, “If you find yourself being serious about some particular
something, go on and be real serious, and after you do ‘real serious,’ go ahead and get
rat-asses-Super serious, and if you get that serious about it, and you are a
Real Revolutionist, at least by then, you’ll have had a good laugh.”


On this one mid-sized pretty hospitable world I visited,
they have a certain interesting dynamic;
when confronted with something they can’t control, or
comprehend, they declare “war” on it.



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