A Real Good Plan

May I be allowed the pleasure to “assume” that by now many of you, when you
hear the word “opposite,” think in its stead such symbols as,
“counterpart” and “collaborator”…
(May I have this small comfort?)


One guy, paddling about in a stream off the main thinking river,
reached over the side, splashed a little water in his face
and announced to his by-then, non existent troops, “You know,
if you had a real good plan,  you wouldn’t even have to go on.”


“Although I am indeed pleased, ” proclaimed this one chap, “to have learned that
the species is spacious enough for all individuals, and the universe big enough for
all localities, my supreme delight is in discovering that I am large enough
for all my me’s.”


One who can see faraway (dimensionally speaking)
might plot a map covering time, not space,
and one anxious for a grand excursion
might translate such a document.


No need to arise any earlier for a good parade route spot,
for the triumphant armies
are passing right through you.



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