History Talks About Everybody

On some worlds everyone’s still “looking for the messiah,”
but no one wants to see him coming.


Thus spaketh the noun, “If religion was psychology things would be different.”
The verb said, “If thinking was action things would be different,” and an
adverbial in-law injected, “Shucks, ya’ll, if things were different,
things would be different.”


One middle aged planet wrote to his young satellite, away at school,
“If you suspect they may also ask someone else, never give your first opinion.”
(P.S.: They’ll always ask someone else’s opinion.)


An imaginary New Space minister exhorted his feckless flock just so,
“No need, my friends, to worry yourselves
over the loose, gossiping tongues of your human neighbors,
cause after you’re dead, history will talk about everybody.”


I heard tell of this one, still-trying-to-find-itself planet,
whereon they have a masked, silver screen hero
known by the handle of “El Perhaps-O.”




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