A Fable

A “Fable For Someone Else’s Time”:
A whale sighed, “It’s hard to be humble when you’re the largest thing in the sea.”
And the waters replied, “Ho-hum.”


An unpublished pharmacist I met at a recent soiree told me that his overriding
concern in life was that his own brain wouldn’t take him seriously. (I’m not
absolutely certain, but I think I heard his frontal lobes go, “Ho-hum.”)


A Rule Of Thumb For The One Handed:
Only those with symptoms can find a diagnosis.
(Parenthetical Corollary):
Only those with symptoms deserve a diagnosis.


This one fellow says, “Oddly enough,
when I’,m away from home I feel most like myself,”
and oddly enough his near-twin added that he felt almost conversely.
(In the psyche-garment trade I believe this is known as an “odd lot.”)


The future is caused by friction;
thus, eliminate competition
and be free of




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