The Right Thing

On this one uncommonly unchivalrous planet,
one chap’s family coat of arms held the motto:
“When the cost is of consequence, ignore the source.”

One more of our faceless herd of ole soreheads was heard to opine,
“If ordinary men were as tacky and
tasteless as our heroes, we’d have neither.”


One of the speakers proclaimed, “What need I of a villain so long as I have me.”
Someone in the crowd shouted, “That’s a pretty ambiguous comment!”
and the speaker pointed to his rejoinder and declared,
“And so, the creeping face of larceny raps at our unsuspecting door.”
As he drifted away, the voice in the crowd thought,
“I gotta give him credit, I didn’t think obscurity could be amplified.”


At a reception on another world
I overheard one being tell it’s counterpart,
“I only feel sentimental just before I die.”


One happy father told his equally svelte offspring,
“Springer, if you’re gonna rely on just one thing in life,
be damn sure it’s the Right thing.”
The kid thought, “Another thing I like about the ole man
is that he won’t hesitate to bet on the obvious when it’s a
fast track, or he knows the jockey.”


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