Don’t Count Your Chickens

One high-stepping kid told a playmate, “I guess the most memorable advice I ever
received from my father was, ‘Don’t count your chickens…’” Later, as his buddy
was relating this episode to his brother, he noted, “Not only is that so-called notable
advise weird, I’ll tell you something weirder – I don’t think that kid’s got an
old man.”


Then a real loud voice proclaimed…”Wait a minute…try it like this”…then over the
Solar, neural P.A. system, a real loud voice announced, “Okay, all of you already on
The playground can stay, the rest of you – Back to Work!.”


The closer you get to manifold time
the more things congregate and separate
revealing their true connections.


Attempting to steer her in proper vocational directions, one father said to his daughter,
“Kid, I just don’t think you’re brittle enough to be a Romantic poet.”


To some minds,  the concept of a “tyrant with a heart” seems anomalous,
while in parallel futures he is the messiah pro tem.





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