Herds of Hermits

When it was more or less his turn, this one guy hushed the crowd and said,
“Here is my theory, my own personal theory, I say that the only thing
standing between me and the future is the past.” There was polite applause
and he continued, “Thank you, thank you, that is my theory,
and like many of you I oftimes think that it might be more than just a theory,
and like the majority of you – I’m sick of it.”


One sho-‘nuff ole sorehead admonished his son,
“What Ever you do, don’t ever
exacerbate any passing happiness.”


Said the first fighter, “What I like best about threats is their low cost.”
And said the second, “My approval of threats is based on their efficiency.”
The referee intruded,
“Shut up, or I’ll tie your tongues together,”


There are enough Sisyphusian activities extant
without you attempting to put hermits into herds
or giving pack rats individual tasks.


In an attempt to console the youngster, the ole sorehead said,
“Hey, don’t sweat it,
if worse comes to worse and you just can’t make it as a critic
you can always take up something that requires talent.”


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