What Belongs to Man?

There is this formally obscure little planet
that is now experiencing a tourist boom
ever since it was discovered that on their world
advice is more beneficial than example.


This one tall little chap says he’s bloody well tired of hearing about
“how much we owe to famous people of the past,”
he concludes that they owe as much or more to us, or
they wouldn’t even be famous.


I find those thoughts a waste of time,
that must be put into a rhyme…

err…let me rephrase that…


In every land, in each generation,
a voice declares that “power is not to be trusted.”
(This usually elicits a wink and a smile from power.)


This one fairly anxious planet
decided that the only way out was to simply leave…
and I know you’re going to find this weird, but it worked.


Only that which is yet to be
truly belongs to man.


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