Anything a man can start he can stop.
(Except of course, in those instances that it
might be inconvenient or uncomfortable.)


Graffiti found on a stray kid over hear the park:
“You can look for a lump, even search for a cyst,
but you can’t reconnoiter for a goiter…
leastwise, not around here.”
(An alert statue, sensing my bewilderment winked, pointed to its head and said, “Leastwise not around here.” I smiled as I took my leave,
pretending that I could spot a metaphorical pigeon as well a the next man.)


While I was hanging around the bus station over in another state,
this young geezer strolls up and tells me,
“Regardless of what the laws say, and morality demands,
incest is alive and neurally flourishing in my own brain.”


There’s this one future that’ll “talk-about-yo-mama.”
(Oh yeah, there’s this past that’ll do likewise.)


One thing that the health and environmental
“scare-of-the-day” does accomplish
is in making those who boast such beliefs feel superior
to those who don’t.





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