One Thought – One Vote

“I believe in freedom and equality as much as the next man,”
said this one chap, then pointing to his head he continued,
“But when it comes to matters mental, I think ‘one thought, one vote
is carrying things too far.

After hearing me say that
“without spies and traitors inside your own system
the necessary neural wars could not go on,”
this one guy turned to his own mind real quick-like and demanded,
“Okay, whose side are you on anyway?”
His brain (or something in him) replied, “Exactly.”

While instances can be marked
wherein words seem to stand between man
and a more direct experience,
it may also be noted that
many of these experiences would not exist
were it not for talk.
An illustration of this phenomena
is in man’s failure to recognize stereotypes as a type.

In the wondrous (if not silly) way in which Life is arranged,
a man finds the occasions wherein he has the time for repentance occurring
much more often than do the chances to sin in the first place.
The restraint of feeling intellectually superior is without doubt
a consummate example of an unavoidable, complete waste of time.


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