Gathering Clouds

Indeed, indeed,
the past has many lessons to teach,
but this is not one of them.


One guy over in the park,
attempting to straighten out something already too straight,
climbed up on his toes and bellowed,
“Beware the charging herd of uncontrolled sequences!”
(You know now that I think about it this may be
the same cat that last year was warning of the
“gathering storm-clouds of unnumbered sequences”…
maybe they should start closing the park a little earlier.)


One our our local ole soreheads
says that after years of careful, historical research,
he’s come to the conclusion that the Renaissance made a U-turn.


One guy’s moment of mortal epiphany occurred thusly,
“Eureka! I see it now,
the way to man’s feelings is through his mind!”
After a few seconds he thought,
“Jeeze how depressing.”


On this one young, up-and-coming planet,
they have introduced a newly diagnosed
affliction, “mea acoustic morbidity”:
my own talk makes me sick.


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