First Aid

The voice, up front, on the stage, dressed in the expert’s garb declared,
“Selective memory is a sign of mental immaturity.”
A shabby, rude voice from the rear silently shouted,
“May be, but ‘selective memory’ under full control is a neon
neural sign that flashes, ‘Hooray…Welcome home!…
Happy hour now and,
Hi there handsome’.”


When this one ragged voice cried out, “You haven’t heard the last of this,”
and eight thousand replied, “Hell, we ain’t heard the first of it.”


First aid
ain’t much aid.


One guy said he was tempted to agree to commit suicide on TV except being on television is “s-o-o-o tacky and embarrassing.”


One ole regressive sore-head declared,
“Me suspects, or hopes at least (partially
with his tongue in someone’s cheek) there are areas of modern life of which I
approve, economics for instance cause it gives me someone to laugh at besides just priests.”


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