A Gathering of Eagles

One small father took his child aside on the playground and said,
“Don’t tell other children that your god can whip their god,”
and the little nipper replied,
“Ah, so as to clearly evidence a sophisticated outlook,
and an expansive tolerance!”
And the pater explained, “No, it’s just that it could later
prove embarrassing.”

The first critic declared,
“The difference between fiction and non-fiction
is in the matter of expectation,”
and the second one replied,
“The difference is in the question of need,”
and critic tres injected,
“Nay, the difference will be found to be history.”
Enter the announcer’s voice:
“This concludes our real, simulated
example of the difference between fiction and non-fiction…
if you expect the need to arise for additional clarification,
take two years, and call me in the morning.”

After reading about certain practices other people performed
regarding their departed kin, this one fellow said to himself,
“Wow, I wish I could speak to my
ancestors and say ‘Hi’,”
and then himself replied, “Hi.”

Whilst reading about meetings and discussions
involving some of the intellectual
giants of his day, this one guy discovered
such episodes described as “gathering of eagles”…
“A gathering of eagles,” he repeated and savored
the phrase several delightful times, and forthwith
decided that henceforth, whenever he was just off
kind of intellectually noshing with and to himself,
he could call that an
“assemblage of pigeons.”


In one state I visited, the “long march of civilization”
was defined as the
“untidy attempt to flee the word, ‘do’.”


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